Custom PMDC Motors Made in USA for Companies Worldwide

Our motors are built with you in mind. We assemble according to your defined needs, ensuring reliability and superior quality in your product. Allow us to support your application by designing and assembling your motor. Buying incompatible motors is a thing of the past. Our motors aren’t made for a shelf, they’re made for you.

American made. Custom crafted. Just for you.

Sourcing a DC motor to fit your company’s precise application is quick and easy with MET Motors. Our American-made DC motors are custom designed and manufactured to meet your specified requirements. If you are unsure of your exact needs, we are capable of load-testing your present motor to confirm the performance. MET Motors is understandably proud of our rapid response to inquiries and requests for prototypes. Just simply send us an inquiry to discuss what we can do for your unique application!

Since 1969, Met Motors has been a leading US manufacturer of custom-designed, high performance 3.2″, 3.6″ and 6″ diameter permanent magnet DC motors. We manufacture custom motors to be incorporated into other manufacturer’s products. They are rated from fractional horsepower up to 3 horsepower.  But just because we cater to OEMs with exacting needs, does not mean our motors are expensive.

Whether you are looking for an ongoing production stream, a small run, or a quick prototype, we provide the best value motor for your application.  See what additional PMDC Motor Options we provide.

Our one goal is to custom design and manufacture reliable, high performing motors that fit your application at an economical price.  See how our PMDC Motor Solutions and PMDC Motor Services fit your industry and permanent magnet DC motor application.

We proudly manufacture all our motors domestically in our southern Minnesota plants.

Our quote includes a Performance Data Sheet & Engineering Drawings

Our knowledgeable Sales Engineers work with you to understand your application and provide prompt recommendations.  We can also test your present motor to meet or exceed the motor specifications, and improve your products’ price/performance.

The quote process:

  • Using our proprietary software as a framework, we gather your application requirements to quickly create a Performance Data Sheet (PDS) providing you with speed and torque curve data.
  • After your approval of the PDS, you will quickly receive Production Drawings and full quote either by email or fax.

When you are interested in discussing your custom motor needs and our many options contact our friendly Sales Engineers or get an online quote.

MET is a proud sponsor of MSU engineering students.

group final Custom PMDC Motors Made in USA for Companies Worldwide

Minnesota State University Students attend University of Applied Science, Switzerland.
Sponsored by : MET for the Project Oriented Learning supported by AUDI
Photo courtesy of University of Switzerland Applied Science via Dr. David Guerra-Zubiaga, Faculty , College of Science Enigineering and Technology, Minnesota State University, Mankato.