A 12v DC Motor versus 24v Motor

Although there are similarities between a 12v DC motor and a 24 Volt Motor, there are also distinct differences. Overall, both of these motors are designed to perform almost identically with the exception that a 12-volt motor draws twice the current from its 12-volt supply than what a 24-volt motor draws. For a given mechanical load, [...]

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Brief Overview of a 12v DC Motor

A DC motor is any motor within a class of electrical machines whereby direct current electrical power is converted into mechanical power. Most often, this type of motor relies on forces that magnetic fields produce. Regardless of the type, DC motors have some kind of internal mechanism, which is electronic or electromechanical. In both cases, [...]

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Efficient Control of a Pump System

One of the major benefits of a PMDC Motor has to do with the ability to adjust the speed. This is accomplished by simply varying the voltage applied to the armature. By integrating a feedback device within the system you can manipulate, maintain or verify speed. One application where this would be extremely beneficial would [...]

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